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Why Choose Our Veteran Owned Consulting Company?

The benefits of working with us

Why does it matter if we’re a veteran-owned business? Certain branches and specialties in the military can refine and perfect the demeanor of an individual that has a good foundation and can create a good foundation for those that do not have one. At Wheeler Consulting Co, a “veteran-owned consulting business” means that we take a gritty direct-action style approach to challenges in the business world. We employ specific, measurable action steps. In addition to our consulting approach, we hold ourselves and our clients to a higher standard than many others. We conduct business with an honorable, mission-oriented mindset, and expect our clients to do the same with their customers.

Our Strategic Consulting Approach

a strategy proven time and time again

Our consulting approach is based on the provable premise that businesses or governments who leverage core competencies, adapt to technology changes, and market themselves properly achieve significant growth. We can’t emphasize enough (but we can demonstrate it in our first call) how extraordinarily simply, quickly, and effectively we can identify weaknesses in your marketing approach and fix them so your business can grow. Here’s an example: as a marketing professional I’ve developed a method to add 10% of sustained, quality, website traffic to any site in 10 minutes. How’s that for fast and effective?

When you think of a marketing consulting, or business strategy development firm, it can be automatic for the mind to jump to long meetings, massive business plans, market surveys, lofty business terms (like synergy, aligned, KPIs, agile, nimble, transformation), and big bills. If you are looking for a firm that uses these types of terms to describe their nebulous plans, then we aren’t for you!  If you know you have a great product and you need help getting it to market in the fastest and most effective manner possible, then let’s get started.

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We are here to turn the traditional consulting model upside down and show you how starting with complex business plans, expensive/time consuming surveys, and abstract business terms is illogical and indicative of the truth that the consultant is just throwing junk at the wall. The marketing survey data already exists, the business plan has already been developed, and the meetings should be short training sessions for your marketing team, or proposal reviews from qualified service providers

The best part about this upside-down approach is that it produces bottom line impact far faster and more cost effectively than traditional consulting

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