What I'm Doing Now

For those of you who don’t know, a “now page” describes the opposite of what most company or bio pages do. Instead of saying “here’s what we’ve done in the past” it says what really matters to the company or individual right now. Speaking as Nathan Wheeler, I’m giving you a sneak preview on what I care about from a business, personal, health, emotional, and political level.  

These are the things important to Nate NOW


Right now I am focused on helping businesses prosper by sharing my knowledge on what I consider to be the most powerful marketing technique in their arsenal.I am obsessed with my brainchild Tristate Manufacturers Marketplace, which I created to facilitate regional cooperation between manufacturers, and to demonstrate the tangible benefits marketing can have for economic development. I’ve been involved in many speaking engagements lately, and am looking for more opportunities to share my insight on economic development through marketing, and business growth for manufacturers.


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I’m learning the rewards of fatherhood, with my new baby girl, and I have an exceptional partner and mother Michelle by my side. I’m very passionate about sustainable living, not because I buy into a cause, or care if anyone else does it. In fact, I hate the word sustainable because it makes me sound like I dye my hair purple. What I’m trying to say is that I love learning about plants you can eat, hunting, living off the land, gardening, and more. I love teaching what I learn, so if you’re interested, I will be posting a new blog links here that will have videos that cover everything from trimming grapes to trapping animals.

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Emotional & Physical Health

I am a meditator, hiker, runner, nutrition enthusiast, experimenter, naturalist. Here are some things I advocate:

Naturally occurring plants

Knowing the nutritional benefits of “weeds” or naturally occurring plants, and eating them instead of bottled vitamins

Vitamin Ivs

I still like my vitamin IVs, and was an owner of an IV business for a bit

Meditation & breathing exercises

Wim Hof “the iceman” is the man. I do his breathing and meditation exercises regularly, and am a huge advocate of the cold shower or ice bath


I read constantly. Right now, I’m reading “Limitless – Upgrade Your Brian, Learn Anything Faster and Unlock Your Exceptional Life” By Jim Kwik

Transcendental Meditation

A fancy term for, shutting your mind up, and letting the inspiration flow in


I just got back from my annual solo hike. I go for a week, alone, and come down from the mountain like Moses.  I’ve hiked parts of the PCT, AT, and North Country Trail


I will personally do whatever I can to bring this country back from the brink of disaster we currently sit on. If America is to be saved, it will be through teaching the new generation how to eat, how to minimize their interaction with technology, and maximize their interaction with people and nature, how to create self-value through work and the pursuit of goals, and how to develop spiritually. I am building influence in these areas. I am also interested in economic development through strategically building businesses. I’ve developed a strategy which can quickly grow an industry sector and create nearly immediate economic impact. I’ve seen countless economic development strategies, and they all seem to ignore the fact that the easiest way to grow an economy is by making successful businesses more successful. 

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We are here to turn the traditional consulting model upside down and show you how starting with complex business plans, expensive/time consuming surveys, and abstract business terms is illogical and indicative of the truth that the consultant is just throwing junk at the wall. The marketing survey data already exists, the business plan has already been developed, and the meetings should be short training sessions for your marketing team, or proposal reviews from qualified service providers

The best part about this upside-down approach is that it produces bottom line impact far faster and more cost effectively than traditional consulting

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