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Veteran Owned Strategic Marketing & SEO Consulting Firm

Wheeler Consulting Co. provides fast and effective solutions to business problems. The core of any business is profit generation, so in the interest of generating profit, the first question we ask is: how can we quickly boost sales? Every other organizational issue is secondary to, and can irrelevant without sales. As the founder of multiple successful businesses, and the marketer of hundreds, Wheeler Consulting Co.'s founder Nathan brings to the table real world, actionable marketing insights. His SEO knowledge can benefit any marketing team. Over a decade of SEO experience gives him the ability to trouble shoot and solve SEO issues that even dedicated SEO agencies struggle with. Many companies with extensive previous experience in and knowledge of SEO choose to work with us because we demonstrate methods and strategies in an initial call, that other agencies would take months to develop. If you've spent thousands of dollars on SEO without results, or have a marketing team that needs to learn link building or keyword strategy, you've come to the right place. Let's set you up for long term success today.

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Fast effect results start here:

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You’ll come away from this intro realizing that growth doesn’t have to be complicated. You will speak to an executive level consultant that has grown hundreds of businesses and has immediate recommendations on how to grow yours.

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Our assessment is designed to draw out your organizational strengths and weakness, especially as they compare to competitors online. This assessment can be done on-site or on a conference call. In an hour we can gather enough information to create an impactful plan for growth.

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Your action-based plan will lay out the steps needed to take your company to the next level. We will determine the most impactful steps to increase profitability, assign responsibility, and create a monitoring schedule.

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Our action plan can be a fully managed SEO campaign, or it can involve WCC performing aspects of a campaign like off-page SEO, and allowing your team to complete the rest. We can also provide consulting only for marketers - creating your own SEO experts.

who you'll work with

Working with Wheeler Consulting means that you will have a one-on-one relationship with its founder Nathan Wheeler. This isn't your typical consulting with written plans and relentless meetings. We take responsibility for your growth, and ensure action is taken.

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Nate's Expertise Has Benefited: 
  • The US Department of Commerce (Trade.gov)
  • The Manufacturer & Business Association serving PA, NY, OH, & WV
  • The National Tooling and Machining Association
  • The Industrial Resource Center Network (NWIRC)
  • Hundreds of manufacturers and B2B companies around the U.S. & the world
Other accomplishments include:
  • United States Marine Corps Infantry 2004-2008 with one tour in Iraq
  • MBA focused in International Business and Marketing
  • Founder of “TriState Manufacturers Marketplace”
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Organizational Assets we can Analyze

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who needs wheeler consulting?

Wheeler Consulting Co. specializes in working with organizations like manufacturers, IT firms, business to business service companies, and other organizations who need an advanced strategic marketing tune up. We work with companies that need marketing help either in specific instances (like off-page SEO and backlink building), or full scale implementation. We often work with companies that have competent marketing staff that are looking to grow their value to the company through continuing education. Most educational programs offer very limited insight into SEO and it's importance and application so many marketers have knowledge gaps in this area. There is no better way to maximize your investment in marketing staff than to give them the tools they need to make each piece of marketing content a magnet for inbound leads.


Organizations With an In-house
Marketing Team or Inside Sales Team

Nate has spent years developing marketing and sales teams, and even more years personally performing these functions. With the right support these internal teams or individuals can become everything you intended them to be. The fact of the matter is that most of the time these internal teams lack the direction or expertise they need to be truly effective. Wheeler Consulting can change all of that and in doing so, change the course of your business. I will equip your staff with easy tools they can implement to be successful now, a plan to grow even better in the future, and oversight or support to measure results. Start with a free consultation:

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Organizations Without a
Marketing or Inside Sales Team

For organizations that want to reach the next level of growth but do not currently have marketing or sales team, Wheeler Consulting Co. can offer a number of services including: needs analysis, business plan development, hiring or vendor selection support. We will analyze your goals and determine which services are best suited to meeting those goals. We serve clients throughout North America and visit many of them! You don’t need to know which services you need, only that you are ready to grow. It starts with a completely free consultation, so start here:

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Economic Development Consulting for State Governments and Municipalities

Economic development means increasing profitability of an economy. Economic development can be understood by reducing it to its individual parts – businesses.  In order to develop an economy from a top down approach, a government’s greatest contribution would be to find ways to increase the profitability of the individual units of the economy. Consider the millions of dollars municipalities spend on elaborate economic development plans, and the fact that these plans outline complex “redevelopment” actions that take years to implement, assuming they ever do turn into action. These plans often include massive infrastructure projects that if completed, would never achieve ROI, incentives for businesses to move in (which almost never works and certainly doesn’t produce ROI), and other illogical “ecosystem” changes. Let’s give the taxpayers something real. Let’s use the fundamentals of a free market system to our advantage. Wheeler Consulting can create a simple achievable plan in 30 days, implement it in 90, and measurably increase GDP in a year. Let us show you how:

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Whether you need consulting, Implementation, or Continuing Education for Marketing team, The fastest path to results is to start the conversation today.

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