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Wheeler Consulting has worked with manufacturers and business to business companies of all types and sizes and has developed the most refined, specific, and impactful methods for increasing their profitability. If you are interested in b2b or manufacturing consulting services, desire growth, and can see the value in investing one dollar to make two, then we are a great fit! If you need more convincing, consider the following:

Wheeler Consulting has generated millions of dollars of revenue for clients and we can dramatically influence your growth

We can prove to you in 15 minutes - with real data - that our methods work, and will be effective for your company.

For most companies, there are simple actions that take no more than a half hour to put in place that can increase your profitability by several percent indefinitely. I will perform these actions the moment we start working together to get things started right!

How We Grow Manufacturing Businesses

The main challenges manufacturers encounter are lead generation and hiring (not necessarily in that order). We have the resources to help with hiring, and the ability to significantly increase lead generation. The old model of an inside sales team cold calling is on its last dying breath, which should create a sigh of relief because it is certainly not all that fun to cold call. Here’s the process we will follow to build a lead generation machine that will feed your sales personnel and make their jobs much easier:

Assess your capabilities and competitive advantages.

We define your target market through the lens of your capabilities and competitive advantages. If you aren’t special in some way, then no one has a reason to buy from you. We specialize in identifying these advantages, or creating ones that didn’t exist.

Analyze the data

The biggest advantage at our disposal today, is a massive amount of digital data that shows who is looking for what on a global scale. If we know who your target market is, we can find out how they procure services you offer, and leverage that information to place you in their view. We will make this strategy tangible for you in our intro call.

Build a Strategy

Through a proven mix of marketing strategies, we can build a self-sustaining lead generation model. We will assess the team you currently have, leverage your assets, and supplement with external resources where needed. We want to emphasize the word “proven”, because it denotes that this strategy building is already 90% complete and just needs to be customized to your business, so this part is fast.  

Monitor and Optimize

Based on your unique business model and needs, ABC will stay engaged as much or as little as needed to ensure consistent growth. Clients trust us to assist in executive level decisions regarding products, acquisitions, and management. We can work with companies in different capacities based on whether or not they have internal marketing staff. This can look like monthly management and consulting for your team, or full implementation of your marketing.
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What's our pricing model?

I’ve always been the type of person that has a “make more than you spend” mindset, more than a “spend less than you make”. I want you to think about ABC services in this way as well. I will recommend that you invest the exact amount needed to get you to the level of profitability you desire. No matter the amount recommended, you will be making more than you spend, probably by a factor of hundreds. The dollars you invest in these efforts are used precisely inside of a proven success model.

Our "action based Consulting" produces bottom line impact far faster and more cost effectively than traditional consulting

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