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If you’ve spent a lot of time and money on SEO and you are questioning whether it even works, you’ve come to the last stop you’ll need to make for on page and off page SEO management services.  Wheeler Consulting Co is a sole proprietorship owned by one of the country’s leading experts in B2B SEO.  Providing veteran owned SEO services, Nate has administered campaigns for his own businesses, taught SEO to agencies and companies, and managed SEO campaigns for businesses around the globe.  Nate has provided consulting for the U.S. Department of Commerce, Government funded business development agencies, and industry associations, and has been featured as a speaker in various business focused podcasts.  


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How is our approach different?    

Our specialty is in a consulting and positioning approach.  

Too many marketing agencies accept the terms a client wants to rank for at face value.  We’ve worked with hundreds of manufacturers and B2B companies who have processes that require translation into the terms your ideal customer is searching for.  We understand your customers and what they will look for.  As an example, if you want to grow your business through manufacturing more parts for the medical industry, what really matters to the OEMs in that space? Chances are they aren’t going to Google “Medical rubber molders” although, that’s the type of keyword your average SEO company chooses. The OEM will be looking for an “ISO 13485 Certified Rubber Molder”, or “A Rubber Molder with Class II Cleanrooms” or a related inquiry.  These are the types of keyword sets that lead qualified customers to your website and get you a seat at the table.   Choosing us based on the fact that we provide "veteran owned SEO services" isn't enough to guarantee results, but we have the experience and data to show it.

We understand Off-Page SEO

In Nate’s experience from counter-pitching hundreds of projects with multiple other SEOs in the running, he’s observed that more than half of SEO providers have a complete lack of understanding when it comes to off-page SEO.  The remaining half, while aware of it (this applies to major nationwide providers of SEO services) have strategies that produce diminishing returns over time. These providers cannot facilitate sustained website authority metrics because their methods of backlink building are poorly chosen.  As an example, the most common and popular method of backlink building is through guest posting articles.  This strategy will likely never build your website authority sustainably because article feeds are dynamic and constantly have new content being published.  New content always has precedence with Google, so older articles that have been pushed many pages back in a feed, offer very little in terms of backlink value.  If you understand this rather high-level discussion of backlinks and guest posting, chances are you’re curious and would like to learn more.  You’re in luck, in addition to fully managed SEO campaigns, we can offer you person to person training on the best way to build backlinks which will leave your customers ecstatic with the results.  

We realize that generating leads is more important than generating reports

We’ve seen it a thousand times, a company interested in our SEO services shows us their auto generated monthly report from their current provider which shows a traffic chart, search terms with ranking, and website health (or broken links) report.  This offering which is the pillar of many SEOs’ deliverables, is utterly worthless, and most clients don’t even understand what they’re looking at.  Let us worry about the keyword data, bounce statistics, traffic levels, and site speed issues.  We know when and if this data matters, and how to translate it into a solution, which we implement.  Our monthly calls with clients focus on the results and the strategy for upcoming efforts.  We tell you what matters and what we are doing about it.  

We take your company’s success personally

Over the years Nate has run into the inevitable situations where ranking a given keyword or service seems impossible, and the results aren’t happening (p.s. 90% of the time this isn’t a problem).  These trouble cases keep us up at night, and we see them as a personal challenge which we will pour effort into until it’s resolved.  Fortunately these cases become more and more rare, with our well established primary SEO strategy that is adapted to each company, and with our secondary trouble shooting procedure which evaluates up to 20 possible reasons why the given article or page isn’t ranking for the desired keyword set.  

How do we start our SEO Campaign with You?

Nate’s passion is in putting individual and personalized effort into each client which means that we expect the same engagement and commitment from our clients. As a veteran SEO expert (in more ways than one), you can trust he'll back up his talk with real results. Your company will have an agency owner and CEO as your marketing arm. Most companies are a little hesitant to publish pricing, but hey, you’re going to find out sooner or later. Our engagements are somewhat flexible depending on your needs. We can provide limited consulting services for $1,000/month, and our 3 month marketing team management and training (we train your team to perform SEO) starts at $10,000 for virtual engagements. Fully managed SEO campaigns range from $2,500 - $5,000 per month depending on your needs and competition in your industry. The term length for these services ranges from 3 months for the SEO training course, to 12 months for fully managed SEO. We have some flexibility with consulting term length.
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What other Services do you offer?

We can offer the following services through close (Domestic U.S.) partnerships in addition to our specialty service of SEO and consulting. We will let you know if your website needs replaced prior to an SEO campaign and what other marketing strategies may help achieve our goals:

Custom and Template website design

Retargeting, Geofencing, and other Programmatic Display Advertising

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Logo design and branding

What Results Can You Expect?

We will grow your business as a result of significant increases in traffic to your website.  This traffic will contain a high percentage of very qualified prospective buyers, a percentage of which will fill out your RFQ form or call.  In our intro call we will demonstrate results we’ve created for other customers and show you how that will translate to your company.  

What’s Included with management of on-page and off-page SEO?

Our fully managed SEO services include, at a minimum, website authority and backlink building which is the driver of highly ranked content.  In addition to authority building, we write new content monthly and optimize existing pages based on traffic and ranking metrics.  We adjust the amount of content written, and the effort of backlink building based on the level of our engagement.  

If you think that your company may be interested in benefitting from our expertise, let’s chat!

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