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How effective is your internal marketing team? How much of your marketing efforts are wasted? What if there was a way to ensure that the 8 hours per day of your marketers’ efforts are spent on the most impactful activities? As an agency owner, I’ve encountered hundreds of internal marketers for companies around the globe.  I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve seen consistently effective strategies implemented by an internal marketing team. I’ll explain why this happens in a moment.  Before I go any further, if you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you think your company may be missing opportunities.  Wheeler Consulting Co has a customized approach to turning your internal marketing resources into a powerfully focused asset that will grow your company. We teach, apply, evaluate, and support - that’s a recipe for success! One of the most attractive features tobuilding your marketing team’s effectiveness through training, is that we aren’t teaching a generic course, but we are actively applying our teaching to your organizational needs.  When the teaching is over, your company will already be gaining ground and market share. 

In a Short 15 Minute Call, I guarantee we can shed light on areas of growth for your company through marketing team development.

 This training could mean the difference between aimless posting on social media, your blog, and occasional marketing emails, and a feeling of confidence that your marketing team is producing pure gold that shows in your bottom line.  

A recent report byTerakeetstated that one of the most important marketing techniques for your company to employ - SEO or Search Engine Optimization - can reduce the cost of customer acquisition by a whopping 87.4%.  In my experience, there is no more important topic for your company’s marketing team to understand.  In fact, if they had mastery over this one technique, you could achieve massive growth goals, and feed consistent leads to your sales team.  If you aren’t familiar with SEO, in simple terms, it’s the process of ensuring your website shows at the top of search engines for the terms your ideal customer is searching for. 

So your marketing team told you they know SEO right? Many marketers have a superficial understanding of SEO, but there are few that understand the hundreds of factors considered by Google when making ranking decisions.  The problem is that you have to take their claim of “we’ve addressed SEO” at face value, because you would need to be an SEO expert to prove it wrong or right.  This is a mistake that causes companies to miss out on millions of dollars of opportunity.  I’ve evaluated thousands of websites over the years, and in that time, have come across very few sites (even fortune 500 companies with large internal marketing teams) that have their SEO game on point.  

Could your marketing team benefit from our SEO Master Course?  Let me give you a 

quick quiz to see if you are missing out on easy marketing wins.  

  1. Open your website homepage, and one of your main service pages
  2. Hover your mouse over the tab at the top of your browser.  This is what it looks like on my agency website: 
Example of a properly executed SEO Title
  1. The area you are hovering your mouse over, displays an “SEO Title” for the page you are on.  In order for Google to rank that page for a keyword, they first need to know what to rank that page for.  The SEO Title is the first and most important place to specify to Google what they should rank the page for.  
  2. If your homepage SEO title says something like “XYZ Company - Home” then the only keyword Google would rank that page for is your company name.  While you obviously want to show up when people Google your company name, you can have much more benefit from showing up when people are looking for the product or service you offer.  A much better SEO title would be: “XYZ - A Custom Widget Manufacturer”.  Essentially, your SEO titles should contain a keyword set that matches what your target customer would be Googling. 

Advanced Quiz

The exercise above allows you to analyze the most basic level of SEO, and it’s great if that part was done correctly. However, with hundreds of ranking factors, and lots of online competition, that first step only puts you in the game, but it doesn’t mean you’re going to win.  Let’s assume you have product or service pages that have the basic level of SEO covered.  Next I’m going to ask you to step into the mind of your target customer, and imagine they were looking for the product or service you offer.  What terms would they “google”?  If you sell shoes, you have to assume that the person looking is going to specify what type of shoes they are looking for, and where they want to purchase those shoes.  That person’s search query might read something like “where to buy womens brown riding boots in Pittsburgh”.  If you manufacture fabricated aerospace parts, the searcher may look for “AS9100 Certified Fabricator”.  

Question #1: How do the keywords used in your SEO title, and in the content on your pages reflect the intent of your target customer? 

Question #2: If the keywords do reflect the intent accurately, when you go to Google and search for a variety of terms that your customer could search for, where is your company listed in search results?  Keep in mind that thetop 5 search results receive almost 70 percent of clicks.  

Also keep in mind, that for nearly all products and services, there are hundreds or thousands of possible keyword variations your customer could use to search for them, so don’t think that if you rank at the top for one keyword set, then you are all set.  

The video below shows a more in depth look at on-page SEO. This was a training for manufacturers interested in global growth provided by Nate Wheeler for the U.S. Trade Commission

Why Internal Marketing Teams Often Miss SEO Basics

One of the most common hiring mistakes I see companies make is to fill their single marketing position with a fresh college graduate.  Please stick with me here.  If you did this, you likely assumed that the college taught them what they needed to know to help you market your company.  Let me ask you this: Would you hire a freshly graduated mechanical engineer to head up your engineering department?  Absolutely not! This graduate has a foundation of knowledge, but doesn’t have the industry specific expertise and knowledge of the specific application of engineering to your product.  This isn’t an insult to anyone’s education, it’s just that educational institutions are designed to provide a foundation of learning that’s meant to be built upon.  

Very few colleges in the country have a program that puts detailed focus on one of the most powerful marketing tools - SEO

Even if they did, the best way to learn SEO is when you are able to test and apply it to a profitable company.  

At this point, I may have convinced you that SEO is an important activity for your marketing team to engage in, and perhaps that some on-going training is important.  Why should you work with Wheeler Consulting Co? 

As an agency owner for almost a decade, and an SEO specialist for closer to 15 yrs, I’ve put my blood, sweat, and tears into learning how to get consistent results for clients, in an environment that is anything but consistent.  I’ve trained dozens of marketers on the administration of effective SEO campaigns, and turned them into experts that could produce massive profits for our clients.  We’ve produced these results for organizations of all shapes and sizes, which forces the marketer to constantly learn, grow, and adapt their knowledge to new situations, troubleshoot poor ranking situations, and understand what buyers are looking for in countless applications. I have a passion for teaching and developing employees beyond just the technique, but the mindset behind the technique.   

Your marketing team needs more than a two hour course with a quiz.  They need someone that can meet with them, take them through scenarios that relate to your company, and apply what they learned in real time.  They also need someone that will be there to answer on-going questions as they develop their skills, like “we’ve been trying to outrank competitor X for this very important search term, but nothing seems to be working. What can we do?” We can answer these questions, and come up with an actionable solution. 

Let’s Come Up With a Customized SEO Master Course for Your Marketing Team

Since every company has different marketing resources and has different levels of knowledge in SEO, we’d recommend setting up a short call in which we can determine what type of engagement would benefit you most.  If you already have a marketer on payroll, it only makes sense that you provide them the tools they need to produce the greatest results.  We’re here to help!

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